LIVE MotoGP, Emilia Romagna GP qualifying updates: Viñales takes another pole position!


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15.03 For Rossi and Morbidelli is hard to think about the podium as they will start from P7 and P8 respectively. Andrea Dovizioso will start from P10, and he will need to do a race in defence to gain as many points as possible for the fight for the world title.

15.01 The favourites for tomorrow race are Quartararo and Viñales, but Bagnaia can try to get on the podium. Mir can be challenging during the race, but starting from P11 might leave him too far behind the first riders.

15.00 During FP4 Viñales showed a good race pace. He gained the pole position again. Will he confirm this position in tomorrow race?

14.56 Pole position for Viñales, for the second weekend in a row in Misano. Miller takes P2, 0.075 behind the Yamaha rider. Quartararo completes the front row in P3. Follow, in order, P. Espargaro, Bagnaia, Binder, Rossi, Morbidelli, Petrucci and Dovizioso.

14.55 Bagnaia takes the pole position in 1’30″973! But he went over the track limits and his time is cancelled. And Viñales takes the pole position in 1’31″077

14.53 Valentino Rossi gains some positions too! He is now in P5. Quartararo and Morbidelli are not improving their performances.

14.53 Dovizioso gains two positions and goes into P6, only 0.313 behind Viñales.

14.53 The fist sector is slow for both Rossi and Bagnaia.

14.52 Valentino Rossi is using Bagnaia’s slipstream.

14.51 4 minutes left. The riders have the last attempts. Dovizioso now puts the soft tyre on the back to try a last desperate attempt.

14.50 Nakagami crushes.

14.50 VINALES!!!! He takes the lead with only 0.045 advantages on Bagnaia. What a battle between these two today!

14.48 MORBIDELLI! He gets into P4. Viñales in P2, only 0.073 behind super-Bagnaia.

14.46 Binder takes P3, 0.259 behind the leader. Rossi and Dovizioso are limiting the damages at the moment in P6 and P7, respectively.

14.46 Bagnaia in the lead in 1’31″313 followed by Quartaro (+0.084), Viñales, Rossi and Dovizioso. Morbidelli is struggling in P11.

14.45 BAGNAIA!! He takes the pole position at the moment!

14.44 Bagnaia takes P2. Rossi in P5, 0.8 behind Viñales. The times are supposed to be much lower later.

14.44 Viñales is the first to complete a timed lap in 1’31″647 and takes the lead at the moment. Morbidelli in the second position.

14.42 Everyone else is using a soft posterior tyre.

14.41 Dovizioso has a medium posterior tyre. As he drove in Q1 already, he only has one new set of soft tyres.

14.40 Q2 starts now! Viñales immediately on track.

14.36 Q2 will start at 14.40 and will last 15 minutes. Quartararo and Viñales are the favourites for the pole position, but no one should exclude Bagnaia and Morbidelli. Rossi and Dovizioso will need to limit the damages.

14.34 Dovizioso showed a great personality. He knows that he is fighting for the world title and needs to start from a good position tomorrow.

14.32 Two Ducati move into Q2! Miller in the lead in 1’31″559, Dovizioso only 0.053 behind. Lecuona eliminated, but he was only 0.156 slower. Then, in order, Zarco, Oliveira, A. Espargaro, A. Marquez and Rins who will start from P18.

14.31 Andrea Dovizioso! UNBELIEVABLE last lap in 1’31″612 takes P2 behind Miller and moves into Q2!

14.29Doviziozo does not improve his time, but he has one more attempt. A. Espargaro falls and is out.

14.28 Miller!! He takes the lead in 1’31″559! Followed by Lecuona, Dovizioso and Oliveira.

14.28 ZARCO! He makes a mistake and falls, he was pushing and on track to make a great lap.

14.26 Last attempts on track. Oliveira is only 0.074 behind Dovizioso. He can still take one of the top two positions.

14.24 Six minutes left at the end of Q1. Lecuona is in the lead, followed by, in order, Dovizioso, Oliveira, A. Espargaro, Zarco, Miller and Rins.

14.22 Dovizioso, with a great lap, takes the second position at the moment, only 0.086 behind.

14.22 Lecuona takes the lead in 1’31″715.

14.20 Oliveira in 1’31″875 sets the fastest time at the moment, A. Espargaro only 0.037 delay. Follow Miller, Lecuona and Zarco.

14.18 1’32″141 for A. Espargaro, the fastest time at the moment.

14.18 Soft posterior tyre for everyone except Zarco who has a medium one.

14.16 15 minutes to decide the two riders who will move into Q2. The riders fighting for these two positions are Miller, Zarco, A. Espargaro, Dovizioso, Oliveira, Lecuona, Rins, A. Marquez, Rabat and Smith.

Q1 starts now!

14.12 Q1 will start in a few minutes.

14.00 Only a few minutes left in the FP4, right before the qualifying and Bagnaia confirms the leading position he has shown earlier this morning.

Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE updates of the qualifying of the Emilia Romagna GP 2020, the seventh round of MotoGP 2020, and the second appointment of the season in Misano. On the track named after Marcon Simoncelli, it is not easy to overtake during the race; therefore, likewise last weekend, the qualifying session is crucial if the riders aim for a prestigious result.

During FP3, Francesco Bagnaia made an incredible lap and sowed everyone that he is in the fight for the pole position today! Viñales also was good in the single lap, as he performed well in the qualifying session last week as well on the same track. Valentino Rossi will start from Q2, while Dovizioso, who is the lead of the championship at the moment, is struggling in Misano and will need to fight in Q1 to aim for a top-12 start.

OA Sport offers the LIVE qualifying updates of the Emilia Romagna GP 2020: real-time and minute by minute updates not to miss any action. Qualifying starts at 14.10. Enjoy!

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