LIVE MotoGP, Emilia Romagna GP: real-time race updates, Viñales wins ahead of Mir and Pol Espargaro


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14.48 The podium is entirely Spanish today, while for Italy has not been a great race: Bagnaia and Rossi did not finish while Morbidelli finished in P8. Incrediby, Dovizioso is still in the lead for the world title.

14.45 UNBELIEVABLE championship standings! Dovizioso maintains the led with 84 points, followed by Viñales and Quartararo (83 points). Mir is in the fourth position with 80 points. In our opinion, Mir is the favourite as he is the most constant to gain points.

MAVERICK VINALES WINS THE EMILIA ROMAGNA GP! He finally gets the first win of the season ahead of Mir and P. Espargaro. Quartararo finished in P3 but with the 3 seconds penalty, he loses the podium. Oliveira P5, Nakagami P6, A. Marquez P7, Dovizioso P8, Morbidelli P9 and Petrucci P10.

-1 Quartararo failed to comply with the penalty and he will be given 3 seconds penalty after the race.

-1 Long lap penalty for Quartararo for going out of track limits.

-2 P. Espargaro is in crisis, Quartararo overtakes him. Lecuona crashed too and Dovizioso now is in P8.

-2 Mir overtakes P. Espargaro in what it seems an easy overtakes. Incredible race!

-2 Mir started in P11 and now he has good chances to finish in P2… unbelievable performance from him.

-3 MIR IS ON FIRE! He did not wait at all, he brakes at the limits and overtakes Quartararo.

-4 Mir is half-second away from Espargaro and Quartararo. He knows these are crucial points for the championship.

-5 Morbidelli is in P11 after overtaking Zarco.

-5 Quartaro is faster than Espargaro who at the moment is defending well.

-6 Viñales can win, now everything is in his hands. He is in the lead with 4.2 advantage on P. Espargaro and Quartaro.

-7 Bagnaia crashed at turn 6. He was pushing it to the limits to defend himself from Viñales’ comeback.

-7 BAGNAIA CRASHES! UNBELIEVABLE! He concedes the race to Viñales after this crash.

-7 Viñales is closing on Bagnaia, 1.1 behind him. Nakagami overtakes Dovizioso and takes P8.

-8 Bagnaia is now struggling, and Viñales i 1.2 behind. Nakagami is attacking Dovizioso for P9.

-9 Slower times for Bagnaia 1’33″0, Quartararo is closing on P. Espargaro who has a posterior soft tyre.

-10 1’32″6 for both Bagnaia and Viñales they have the same pace now. Follow, in order, P. Espargaro, Quartararo and Mir.

-11 Valentino Rossi retires and does not finish the race for the second time this season.

-11 The gap between Bagnaia and Viñales is the same, 1.5 seconds. Looking at the championship, it is not a good race for the many Italian riders.

-12 Dovizioso is 0.5 behind Marquez but behind him, there is Nakagami who is faster with his Honda.

-12 The first two sectors are favourable to Viñales while the other two are more favourable to Bagnaia.

-13 Viñales is pushing at maximum. He is now 1.3 behind Bagnaia.

-13 Morbidelli overtakes Smith and Rins and takes P13.

-14 Oliveira overtakes Lecuona and takes P6.

-14 Dovizioso does not have it, he can’t close the gap with A. Marquez. Rabat crashes and Rossi gains another position.

-14 Mir is 2.4 behind Quartararo and he could get him by the end of the race.

-15 Bagnaia increases his lead by one-tenth of a second. It not sure if he can keep this pace until the end with the soft tyre, while Viñales should not worry about ti as he has a medium.

-16 Bagnaia is in the lead with 1.4 seconds advantage on Viñales, 2.8 on P. Espargaro and 3.6 on Quartararo. Then, there are Mir, Lecuona, Oliveira, Marquez, Dovizioso and Nakagami.

-17 Morbidelli seems discouraged after the collision. He is in P15 and does not seem to have it enough to attack Smith ahead of him.

-17 1.1 seconds advantage, Bagnaia is flying! Both Bagnaia and Viñales are on a 1’32″3 pace. They are giving it all.

-18 Bagnaia is increasing his advantage again, he is 0.9 seconds ahead of Viñales who is still trying to close on him.

-18 Dovizioso is behind A. Marquez and Oliveira.

-19 Miller retires from the race: a technical issues for his bike. Dovizioso gains one position and is in P9.

-19 Viñales is not giving up and is now 0.6 behind Bagnaia. So far Viñales is doing better than his past races.

-20 Bagnaia is increasing the gap, he is 0.8 ahead of Viñales, 2 seconds ahead of P. Espargaro and 2.6 of Quartararo.

-21 Bagnaia in the lead ahead of, in order, Viñales, P. Espargaro, Quartararo, Mir, Lecuona, Miller, A. Marquez, Oliveira and Dovizioso.

-21 Dovizioso overtakes Petrucci and gets into the top-ten.

-22 BAGNAIA TAKES P1! He overtakes Viñales who tries to take back his position, unsuccessfully.

-22 Bagnaia is preparing the attack on Viñales.

-22 Anonymous race so far for Dovizioso.

-23 Mir is coming back, he is in P6. We know that Suzuki has an incredible finish.

-23 Viñales has two medium tyres while Bagnaia has the hard-soft combination.

-24 Bagnaia is closing on Viñales. Valentino Rossi restarted after the crash and is now in P18.

-24 CORRECTION! Morbidelli did not have a technical issue, but when A. Espargaro fell, he collided with Morbidelli.

-25 Viñales is in the lead with 0.7 advantage on Bagnaia who is in P2. Follow P. Espargaro +1.7, Quartararo +2.3. Dovizioso is in P11, with 4.7 seconds delay.

-25 ANOTHER CRASH! This time it is Binder who is now in P19. Both Rossi and Binder have an anterior tyre that has not reached the right temperature yet, and it might be the reason they both crashed.

-26 UNBELIEVABLE! Valentino Rossi crashes and finds himself in P19. Horrible start for the “Doctor”.

-27 Technical issue for Franco Morbidelli who is in P19. A. Espargaro crashed and retired from the race.

-27 laps. Jack Miller takes the lead but Maverick Viñales takes his position back again. Valentino Rossi in P6, he already gained a position.

14.00 Lights out, the race is on!

13.59 Warmup lap…

13.58 27 laps to decide the winner of the second weekend at Misano.

13.56 Will it be the day for Viñales? He gained the pole position a few times already, but now he needs to confirm his performances in the race.

13.53 Valentino Rossi is convinced he can do a great race, but starting from P7 he needs an incredible start.

13.49 Franco Morbidelli has a great race pace but he starts from P8 and might be difficult to come back.

13.48 Fabio Quartararo has a big chance to gain important points to take the lead in the championship. More complicated it is for Dovizioso, whose main goal today is to enter in the top-five.

13.47 Today the choice of tyres is an uncertain aspect. The temperature is a lot cooler and some riders can opt for a soft posterior tyre. It could last for the entire race, but it a risk.

13.46 The championship standings before today’s race:

1 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati ITA 76
2 Fabio QUARTARARO Yamaha FRA 70
3 Jack MILLER Ducati AUS 64
4 Joan MIR Suzuki SPA 60
5 Maverick VIÑALES Yamaha SPA 58
6 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha ITA 58
7 Franco MORBIDELLI Yamaha ITA 57
9 Takaaki NAKAGAMI Honda JPN 53
12 Alex RINS Suzuki SPA 40
13 Johann ZARCO Ducati FRA 31
14 Francesco BAGNAIA Ducati ITA 29

13.45 Let’s review the starting grid:

1. Maverick Vinales (Yamaha)

2. Jack Miller (Ducati)

3. Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha)

4. Pol Espargarò (KTM)

5. Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati)

6. Brad Binder (KTM)

7. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha)

8. Franco Morbidelli (Yamaha)

9. Danilo Petrucci (Ducati)

10. Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati)

11. Joan Mir (Suzuki)

12. Takaaki Nakagami (Honda)

13. Iker Lecuona (KTM)

14. Johann Zarco (Ducati)

15. Miguel Oliveira (KTM)

16. Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia)

17. Alex Marquez (Honda)

18. Alex Rins (Suzuki)

19. Bradley Smith (Aprilia)

20. Tito Rabat (Ducati)

Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the San Marino GP 2020, the seventh round of the MotoGP 2020. On the Misano track, named after Marco Simoncelli, we expect to see an uncertain race, and Yamaha does not seem to be as dominant as last weekend.

Maverick Viñales will start from the pole position again on this track, making the third pole position of the season and still chasing the first win of the season. Next to him, in the front row, there are Jack Miller, Pramac, in the second position and Fabio Quartararo who replicates the same results of the qualifying of the last weekend. The other Pramac rider, Francesco Bagnaia, needs to be taken in serious consideration for the podium in today’s race. During the qualifying, Bagnaia set the fastest time in the last attempt, only to be deleted because he went off the track limits. However, if he can keep the pace and the speed he showed in FP3 and in qualifying, he can aim the podium once again on this track.

The leader of the championship, Andrea Dovizioso, does not seem to have found the right feeling with the track. He will start from P10 and needs some magic trick to close the gap with the riders in ahead of him to have some chances to get crucial points to keep the lead in the championship.

OA Sport offers the LIVE updates of the San Marino GP, the seventh race of MotoGP 2020: real-time and lap by lap updates not to miss any action from Misano. The race starts at 14.00. Enjoy!

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