LIVE F1, Spanish GP 2020 race updates. Hamilton wins ahead of Verstappen and Bottas. Vettel gains points after a tough race


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16.56 Updates standings teams’ championship:

1 Mercedes 221
2 Red Bull 135
3 Racing Point (-15) 63
4 McLaren 62
5 Ferrari 61
6 Renault 36
7 AlphaTauri 16
8 Alfa Romeo 2
9 Haas 1

16.54 Updated standings of the F1 drivers’ championship:

1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 132
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 95
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 89
4 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 45
5 Alex Albon Red Bull 40
6 Lando Norris McLaren 39
7 Lance Stroll Racing Point 38
8 Sergio Perez Racing Point 34
9 Carlos Sainz McLaren 23
10 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 20
11 Esteban Ocon Renault 16
11 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 16
13 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 14
14 Nico Hulkenberg Racing Point 6
15 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 2
16 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 2
17 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1

16.53 Leclerc has been clear though in the interview at Sky Italia “The entire project of SF1000 is not competitive, and this race showed it.”

16.52 It was not a good Sunday for Ferrari. Leclerc had to stop early for electrical issues to the power unit. Vettel gained some points thanks to a risky strategy with only one stop. A seventh position that helps a bit the mood of the four-time world champion.

16.51 Hamilton sets a new record of the number of podiums in F1: 156. He overtakes Schumacher who is at 155.

16.50 For Hamilton, this is win n. 88 in his career, only 3 wins away from Michael Schumacher. Podium n. 50 for Bottas.

16.49 Bottas gained the fastest lap and therefore, he also gains the bonus point.

16.48 Final standings of the Spanish GP 2020:

1 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +24.177 2
3 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes +44.752 3
4 Lance STROLL Racing Point1 L 2
5 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point1 L 1
6 Carlos SAINZ McLaren1 L 2
7 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari1 L 1
8 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing1 L 2
9 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri1 L 2
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren1 L 2
11 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault1 L 1
12 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri1 L 2
13 Esteban OCON Renault1 L 1
14 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing1 L 2
15 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team1 L 1
16 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing1 L 2
17 George RUSSELL Williams1 L 2
18 Nicholas LATIFI Williams2 L 2
19 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team2 L 2
20 Charles LECLERC Ferrari– 2

16.45 LEWIS HAMILTON WINS THE SPANISH GP 2020! Followed by Verstappen, Bottas, Perez, Stroll, Sainz, Vettel, Albon, Gasly and Norris.

Lap 66/66 LAST LAP! Vettel is in P7 ahead of Albon who is not close enough to use DRS, Gasly, Norris, Ricciardo, Kvyat, Ocon and Raikkonen!

Lap 65/66 Pit-stop for Bottas and put medium tyres. Unusual strategy for Mercedes in this case.

Lap 65/66 Bottas’ fastest lap could deny Hamilton his seventh Grand Chelem of his career.

Lap 64/66 Fastest lap for Bottas in 1’19″750. Albon can’t find the pace to overtake Vettel.

Lap 63/66 Updated standings:

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER 2
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+17.538 2
3 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+24.561 2
4 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point1 L 1
5 Lance STROLL Racing Point1 L 2
6 Carlos SAINZ McLaren1 L 2
7 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari1 L 1
8 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing1 L 2
9 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri1 L 2
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren1 L 2
11 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault1 L 1
12 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri1 L 2
13 Esteban OCON Renault1 L 1
14 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing1 L 2
15 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team1 L 1
16 George RUSSELL Williams1 L 2
17 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing1 L 2
18 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team1 L 1
19 Nicholas LATIFI Williams1 L 2
20 Charles LECLERC Ferrari– 2

Lap 62/66 At the moment, Vettel resists and maintains the position in front of Albon.

Lap 61/66 Hamilton comfortably in the lead with 16″ advantage on Verstappen.

Lap 60/66 Sainz (McLaren) attacks Vettel on the outside in the straight and overtakes him at double speed. Vettel in P7 but now Albon is closing on him now.

Lap 59/66 Vettel has done 28 laps with these soft tyres.

Lap 59/66 Sainz is now close to Vettel. The German has not enough to resist the attack and his tyres are basically gone now.

Lap 59/66 seconds penalty for Kvyat for ignoring blue flags.

Lap 58/66 Hamilton absolute dominant in this race. Follow Verstappen, Bottas, Perez, Stroll, Vettel, Sainz, Albon, Gasly and Norris.

Lap 57/66 Stroll uses the DRS  and overtakes Vettel It is not over, unfortunately. Sainz is coming behind him too.

Lap 56/66 Top-three positions frozen. It seems that the podium is already decided. Hamilton in the lead with 13″9 advantage on Verstappen and 20″8 on Bottas.

Lap 55/66 Stroll closing on Vettel.

Lap 54/66 5 seconds penalty for Perez for ignoring blue flags. Stroll is now closing the gap on Vettel.

Lap 53/66 Vettel is chasing an unexpected P5. Will he manage to finish the race only with one stop? Stroll is 2″5 behind.

Lap 52/66 Ferrari informs Vettel via radio to go until the end with these tyres. The German replies “I’ll try, we have nothing to lose.”

Lap 52/66 Pit-stop for Hamilton who puts medium tyres. 11″8 advantage on Verstappen, he comfortably remains the leader.

Lap 51/66 Updated standings:

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER 2
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+32.032 2
3 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+39.412 2
4 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point+86.583 1
5 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari1 L 1
6 Lance STROLL Racing Point+96.689 2
7 Carlos SAINZ McLaren1 L 2
8 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing1 L 2
9 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri1 L 2
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren1 L 2
11 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault1 L 1
12 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri1 L 2
13 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team1 L 1
14 Esteban OCON Renault1 L 1
15 George RUSSELL Williams1 L 2
16 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team1 L 1
17 Nicholas LATIFI Williams1 L 2
18 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing1 L 1
19 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing1 L 2
20 Charles LECLERC Ferrari– 2

Lap 51/66 Leclerc retirement was due to an electrical problem to the power unit.

Lap 50/66 Hamilton overtakes Perez too.

Lap 50/66 Pit-stop for Bottas. He goes back on track 7″3 behind Verstappen. Bottas has soft tyres.

Lap 49/66 Vettel is driving in 1’23″5. Not a bad pace, but will he be able to keep it until the end of the race?

Lap 48/66 Hamilton leads the race with 16″1 advantage on Bottas, 33″1 on Verstappen, 80″ on Perez. Everyone else has at least 1 lap disadvantage from Hamilton.

Lap 47/66 Pit stop for Kvyat and Vettel is in P5. He has already done 16 laps on these tyres.

Lap 47/66 Vettel is in P6 but it seems improbable that the German will finish the race with soft tyres.

Lap 46/66 Fastest lap for Hamilton in 1’21″539. He gains 0.4 on Verstappen who has fresh tyres. Mercedes dominates also in Spain.

Lap 45/66 HAMILTON OVERTAKES VETTEL. The German is over 1 lap behind Hamilton. Ferrari’s disaster continues.

Lap 44/66 Hamilton in the lead 12″ ahead of BOttas, 31″3 on Verstappen. One stop for both Mercedes, two for Red Bull. In the meantime, Vettel in P7.

Lap 43/66 1’21″857. the fastest lap for Bottas. He is giving his everything to overtake Verstappen in the strategies.

Lap 42/66 F1 images show Charles Leclerc completely lost in his thoughts after he stopped the car.

Lap 42/66 Pit-stop for Verstappen who put medium tyres. Red Bull is struggling a lot today to manage the tyres while Mercedes seem to not have problems at all.

Lap 41/66 LECLERC OUT! Ferrari needs to understand the reasons for these issues.

Lap 40/66 Pit-stop for Leclerc, a long one. Albon change tyres and puts the mediums.

Lap 39/66 Verstappen is losing a lot of time to lap other cars, and he is now 9″3 from Hamilton. Bottas is only 1″5 behind the Red Bull.

Lap 38/66 Leclerc, at the moment, does not retire and keeps going.

Lap 37/66 Leclerc complains about a problem at the engine. It was able to restart the car, but he is last now and very slow.

Lap 37/66 LECLERC SPINS IN THE CHICANE! He was pushing to overtake Norris.

Lap 36/66 Clouds are coming and stopping on the track. Possible rain?

Lap 35/66 Hamilton is increasing the gap, 5″4 on Verstappen.

Lap 35/66 Pit-stop Ocon. Leclerc takes P11.

Lap 35/66 Leclerc is trying to overtake Norris in any possible way but Norris is closing every opportunity. Ferrari really misses engine power.

Lap 34/66 Updated standings. Both Renault have yet to stop:

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER 1
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+4.283 1
3 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+6.629 1
4 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault+49.608 – –
5 Lance STROLL Racing Point+50.991 1
6 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point+52.429 1
7 Carlos SAINZ McLaren+53.626 1
8 Esteban OCON Renault+57.288 1
9 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing+59.453 – –
10 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+60.113 1
11 Lando NORRIS McLaren+60.284 1
12 Charles LECLERC Ferrari+60.628 1
13 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri+61.743 1
14 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari+66.247 1
15 George RUSSELL Williams+71.700 1
16 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing+73.328 1
17 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing+77.452 1
18 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team+79.576 1
19 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team1 L 1
20 Nicholas LATIFI Williams1 L 1

Lap 33/66 Halfway through the race. Albon takes the outside of Ocon and takes P8.

Lap 32/66 Leclerc right behind Norris but on the straight, it seems McLaren is better than Ferrari.

Lap 32/66 Hamilton in the lead with 3″8 on Verstappen. It seems that Hamilton is not pushing at maximum to manage his tyres.

Lap 31/66 Leclerc attack and overtakes Kvyat and goes into P12.

Lap 30/66 After the pit-stop Leclerc comes bacn in P13 and Vettel in P14.

Lap 30/66 Medium tyres for Leclerc and soft for Vettel.

Lap 30/66 Pit-stop for Perez, Leclerc and Vettel.

Lap 29/66 Hamilton in the lead with 3″4 on Verstappen. The Dutchman is closing on him. Bottas in P3 at 5″.  Then Perez 24″7 behind and Leclerc 29″3.

Lap 28/66 Pit-stop fo Stroll who was losing one second from Leclerc.

Lap 27/66 Updated standings:

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER 1
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+3.586 1
3 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+5.301 1
4 Lance STROLL Racing Point+19.154 – –
5 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point+20.538 – –
6 Charles LECLERC Ferrari+24.883 1
7 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari+32.446 1
8 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault+33.785 1
9 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team+42.339 1
10 Esteban OCON Renault+43.000 1
11 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing+43.510 1
12 Carlos SAINZ McLaren+43.812 1
13 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+44.143 1
14 Lando NORRIS McLaren+46.102 1
15 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri+51.390 1
16 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team+54.423 1
17 George RUSSELL Williams+60.538 1
18 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing+62.258 1
19 Nicholas LATIFI Williams+66.313 1
20 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing+68.000 1

Lap 27/66 1’22″021 Fastest lap for Bottas who gains 1″6 on Hamilton and Verstappen. It could be an unnecessary risk for the tyres. 1’23″3 for Leclerc who still has soft tyres.

Lap 26/66 Ferrari seems to be trying a one-stop strategy. It seems the only chance to gain positions.

Lap 25/66 Hamilton in the lead with 4″2 advantage on Verstappen and 7″7 on Bottas. Stroll in P4 behind 13″5, Perez 14″8, Leclerc 21″3, Vettel 28″2. Among the top ten, only the first three have stopped, the others have yet to stop.

Lap 25/66 Pit-stop for Bottas as well. Medium tyres for both Mercedes’ drivers.

Lap 25/66 Pit-stop for Hamilton. 4″3 for him, pretty slow for Mercedes.

Lap 24/66 The team tells Hamilton that the tyres are in optimal conditions.

Lap 23/66 Hamilton in the lead with 10″7 advantage on Bottas and 29″1 on Verstappen. Both Mercedes have yet to stop.

Lap 22/66 Gasly stops and Leclerc gains P7.

Lap 22/66 Verstappen stops to put medium tyres.

Lap 22/66 Leclerc even closer to Gasly now, but can’t overtake him just yet.

Lap 21/66 Verstappen complains about his tyres’ conditions and bad performance via radio with his team.

Lap 21/66 OCON attacks Raikkonen on the inside and takes P14.

Lap 20/66 Leclerc, In P8 after Albon’s pit-stop, is closing on Gasly. Only 1″ away.

Lap 19/66 Hamilton pushing away, 5″8 advantage on Verstappen. For now, Mercedes is managing perfectly the tyres.

Lap 18/66 Pit-stop for Albon, he will put hard tyres.

Lap 18/66 Lecerlc, at the moment, is 32″ behindHamilton, Vettel is 37″ behind.

Lap 17/66 The first three drivers have a huge gap on the rest. Hamilton lead with 4″3 advantage on Verstappen, 6″8 on Bottas. Stroll, in P4, is 20″5 behind, then Perez 22″3, then Albon, Sainz, Gasly, Leclerc and Norris.

Lap 16/66 The gap between Verstappen and Hamilton is increasing, now it is 4 seconds. Hamilton has managed the tyres in the first laps and then started pushing.

Lap 15/66 Kvyat is still attacking Vettel but still can’t overtake the Ferrari.

Lap 15/66 At the moment, Leclerc who is 1″4 behind Gasly, is going almost 3 seconds slower per lap than Hamilton.

Lap 14/66 HAMMER TIME FOR HAMILTON! Other 0.7 on Verstappen, the Dutchman is 3″2 away, and Bottas is 5″5 away.

Lap 13/66 Updated standings:

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER – –
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+2.777 – –
3 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+4.753 – –
4 Lance STROLL Racing Point+12.981 – –
5 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point+14.506 – –
6 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing+16.821 – –
7 Carlos SAINZ McLaren+19.179 – –
8 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+20.373 – –
9 Charles LECLERC Ferrari+21.566 – –
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren+25.034 – –
11 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari+26.541 – –
12 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri+26.863 – –
13 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault+29.761 – –
14 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team+32.436 – –
15 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing+33.377 – –
16 Esteban OCON Renault+34.492 – –
17 George RUSSELL Williams+36.949 – –
18 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team+38.870 – –
19 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing+40.505 – –
20 Nicholas LATIFI Williams+45.597 – –

Lap 12/66 Hamilton keeps pushing! Another fastest lap for him in 1’23″238, other 0.4 on Verstappen.

Lap 12/66 Blistering on the front right for Bottas and Hamilton.

Lap 11/66 Leclerc lost one second from Gasly. The gap is 1″7 between them

Lap 11/66 1’23″618 Fastest lap for Hamilton who brings the gap with Verstappen at 1″6.

Lap 10/66 Verstappen gains 0.4 on Hamilton and his delay is 1″1.

Lap 9/66 Both Hamilton and Verstappen are driving the dame times. 1’24″1. The gap between them is 1″5.

Lap 8/66 Hamilton is not pushing at maximum as usual as he is trying to better manage his tyres.

Lap 8/66 Ferrari: Leclerc in P9, 13″6 away from the lead, Vettel in P11, 11″8 behind Hamilton.

Lap 7/66 Verstappen is challenging Hamilton. The Dutchman is not giving up and is 1″2 behind Hamilton. Bottas in P3 3″7 behind and Stroll in P4 6″1 behind Hamilton. Then Perez, Albon, Sainz, Gasly and Leclerc.

Lap 6/66 A bad start from Vettel. Daniil Kvyat is attacking the German for P11.

Lap 5/66 Bottas overtakes Stroll on the straight and takes P3.

Lap 5/66 The top ten drivers have all soft tyres, Vettel, in P11, has medium tyres.

Lap 5/66 Bottas attacking Stroll but the Canadian is strongly defending his position.

Lap 4/66 Standings after four laps:

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER – –
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+1.328 – –
3 Lance STROLL Racing Point+3.052 – –
4 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+3.566 – –
5 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point+4.633 – –
6 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing+6.020 – –
7 Carlos SAINZ McLaren+8.076 – –
8 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+8.997 – –
9 Charles LECLERC Ferrari+9.791 – –
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren+11.285 – –
11 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari+11.818 – –
12 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri+12.574 – –
13 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault+13.490 – –
14 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team+15.128 – –
15 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing+15.709 – –
16 Esteban OCON Renault+16.741 – –
17 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team+17.597 – –
18 George RUSSELL Williams+18.017 – –
19 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing+18.831 – –
20 Nicholas LATIFI Williams+19.618 – –

Lap 4/66 Hamilton has not gone away completely, Verstappen is 1″4 behind the lead. After a bad start, Bottas can’t overtake Stroll just yet. Leclerc is 0.7 away from Gasly, but need to complete the overtake fast to save the tyres.

Lap 3/66 Hamilton in the lead followed by Verstappen, Stroll, Bottas, Peres, Albon, Sainz, Gasly, Leclerc, Norris and Vettel.

Lap 2/66 Leclerc attacks Gasly, but the French driver maintains his position. The two risked a collision.

Lap 1/66 Hamilton keeps the lead. Verstappen has a good start and takes P2. Bad start from Bottas who is overtaken also from Stroll. Leclerc P9 and Vettel P11.


15.10 FORMATION LAP! Here’s the starting grid for today!

Good afternoon and welcome back to the LIVE updates of the Spanish GP, the sixth race of F1 2020. The weather and incredibly high temperatures might play a crucial factor in the race here in Barcelona.

Stats are on Mercedes’ side. Lewis Hamilton has 72,4 per cent chances to win. Since 1991, when F1 takes place on the track of Montmelò, the driver starting from the pole position won the race 21 times of the 29 races. Will it be another first and second place for the German team? It is possible, although we have seen during the weekend how Max Verstappen can challenge both Mercedes in the long run. Verstappen has already ruined Mercedes’ party during the second weekend in Silverstone, and he will try to repeat himself on this track, where he got his first career win in 2016.

Racing Point has performed well so far, and it will be challenging Mercedes alongside Verstappen.

Ferrari has shown, once again, to have many problems this season. Both drivers will start from the middle, Charles Leclerc P9 and Sebastian Vettel P11. At this point, the main goal for Ferrari will be to finish within the top ten positions with both cars to gain points. It would not be realistic for Ferrari to aim to something more unless the performance of SF1000 increases rapidly during the race. However, in Silverstone, Ferrari showed good tyre management from both drivers, and that could make the difference in this race where the hot temperature will quickly damage the tyres.

OA Sport offers the LIVE updates of the Spanish GP 2020, the sixth round of F1 2020: real-time and lap-by-lap updates not to miss any action. Lights out at 15.10. Enjoy the race!

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