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LIVE F1, Silverstone GP: Hamilton wins on three wheels


16.55 Thank you for following the Great Britain GP 2020 with us on OA Sport. Stay tuned for more stories, updates, comments and videos.


16.52 Standings at the end of the race:

1 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes LEADER 1
2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +5.856 2
3 Charles LECLERC Ferrari +18.474 1
4 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault +19.650 1
5 Lando NORRIS McLaren +22.277 1
6 Esteban OCON Renault +26.937 1
7 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri +31.188 1
8 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing +32.670 2
9 Lance STROLL Racing Point +37.311 1
10 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari +41.857 1
11 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes +42.167 2
12 George RUSSELL Williams +52.004 1
13 Carlos SAINZ McLaren +53.370 2
14 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing +54.205 1
15 Nicholas LATIFI Williams +54.549 1
16 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team +55.050 1
17 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing 1L 2

16.49 Unexpected podium for Ferrari with Charles Leclerc in P3. A consistent race without any mistake and with a little bit of luck at the end of the race.

16.47 Verstappen gets the extra point for the fastest lap in 1’27″097.

16.45 Pure chaos in the last two laps. First, Bottas puncture the tyre and must stop for a last-minute pit stop. Then Verstappen stopped too, although he did not have any issue with the tyres, he wanted to try to get the fastest lap to get the extra point. Hamilton suffers a puncture to the tyre as well during the last lap, however, he manages to finish the race on three wheels. Hamilton’s last lap is in 1’55″484. Sainz had the same issues with the tyre and he finished from P5 to P13.

16.43 Hamilton wins the Great British GP for the seventh time. He gets the record for most wins at home Grand Prix.

Lap 52/52 Without the last pit-stop, Verstappen could have won the British GP.

Lap 52/52 HAMILTON WINS with on three wheels.

Lap 52/52 Problems with the left anterior tyre for both Sainz and Hamilton. Sainz finishes in P13.

Lap 51/52 Pit-stop for Verstappen and for Bottas.

Lap 50/52 Abon overtakes Vettel and gets P11.

Lap 50/52 Bottas suffers a puncture to the left anterior tyre.

Lap 49/52 Bad race for the only Racing Point today.

Lap 48/52 Ocon and then Gasly overtake Stroll.

Lap 48/52 Technical issues for Kimi Raikkonen.

Lap 48/52 Another fastest lap for Alexander Albon in 1’28″874.

Lap 47/52 Warning for Stroll for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Lap 46/52 Ocon and Stroll almost collide.

Lap 46/52 Albon overtakes Russell and gets P13.

Lap 45/52 Vettel gave up on taking P10 back from Gasly. As of right now, he will not get points. Disappointing weekend for Vettel and Ferrari.

Lap 44/52 Bottas complains about the status of the tyres in a team radio.

Lap 43/52 Leclerc, Sainz, Norris and Ricciardo seem to drive at the same speed. Stroll is struggling to keep Ocon in P9.

Lap 42/52 Ocon is only half-second away from Stroll and is pushing to get P8.

Lap 42/52 Both Red Bull are pushing now. Albon set the fastest lap, although he is in P14, right after, Verstappen sets a new fastest lap in 1’29″070.

Lap 41/52 Mercedes does not seem to have any issues and might push until the end of the race.

Lap 40/52 Hamilton is comfortably in P1. He has 2.1 seconds advantage on his teammate in P2, and 12.6 on Verstappen in P3.

Lap 39/52 Leclerc has 4 seconds advantage on Sainz.

Lap 38/52 Gasly overtakes Vettel who is trying to get P10 back.

Lap 37/52 Grosjean finally stops to change the tyres.

Lap 36/52 Ricciardo overtakes Grosjean and takes P7. Stroll overtakes Grosjean too. The French driver has not stopped yet.

Lap 36/52 5-second penalty for Giovinazzi.

Lap 34/52 Another fastest lap for Hamilton 1’29″326.

Lap 34/52 Hamilton has 1.4 seconds advantage on Bottas and 9.6 on Verstappen.

Lap 33/52 Hamilton and Bottas keep pushing to get the fastest lap.

Lap 32/52 Another fastest lap for Lewis Hamilton 1’29″660.

Lap 32/52 Giovinazzi under investigation for Safety Car infringement.

Lap 31/52 Albon stops again to change the tyres and also stop for 5 seconds for the penalty he received.

Lap 31/52 Gasly (AlphaTauri) overtakes Giovinazzi and gets P12.

Lap 30/52 Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Racing Point all seem to be at the same level this season.

Lap 28/52 Hamilton in P1 with 1.7 seconds advantage on Bottas, 7.5 on Verstappen, 18.3 on Leclerc. From P5 to P14 the drivers are divided by 8 seconds.

Lap 27/52 Ocon fighting with Stroll to take P9. Disappointing weekend for Racing Point so far.

Lap 26/52 Hamilton increase his advantage on Bottas, now it is 2.e seconds.

Lap 26/52 Warning for Grosjean for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Lap 25/52 Both Mercedes keep setting the fastest lap.

Lap 25/52 Norris overtakes Grosjean and takes P6.

Lap 24/52 Sainz is trying to close the gap with Leclerc who is struggling with hard tyres more than when he uses the mediums,

Lap 23/52 After a few attempts, Sainz overtakes Grosjean and takes P5.

Lap 22/52 Mercedes are pushing hard. Hamilton has 3.7 seconds advantage on Verstappen, P3, 7.1 on Leclerc, P4, and 8.5 on Grosjean, P5, who has not stopped yet.

Lap 21/52 Bad re-start from both Ferrari that are struggling with the hard tyres. Vettel lost a position to Ocon.

Lap 19/52 Albon gets 5 seconds penalty for the incident with Magnussen.

Lap 19/52 Lando Norris overtakes Ricciardo and is trying to overtake his teammate Sainz. The battle for P6 among these three is far from over.

Lap 18/52 Saftey car goes back into the pit lane at the end of this lap.

Lap 17/52 Leclerc is still in P4. He clearly does not have the pace to keep up with the top-three. P4 is a realistic goal for Ferrari, to hope for a podium something unpredicted must happen to one of the top three.

Lap 16/52 Antonio Giovinazzi, P12, can try to get into top-ten and to get some points.

Lap 16/52 Updated standings

1 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes LEADER 1
2 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes +1.580 1
3 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +2.490 1
4 Charles LECLERC Ferrari +2.962 1
5 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team +4.813 – –
6 Carlos SAINZ McLaren +5.905 1
7 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault +6.754 1
8 Lando NORRIS McLaren +7.832 1
9 Lance STROLL Racing Point +8.955 1
10 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari +10.887 1
11 Esteban OCON Renault +13.368 1
12 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing +14.435 1
13 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri +17.768 1
14 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing +18.386 1
15 George RUSSELL Williams +20.161 1
16 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing +21.312 1
17 Nicholas LATIFI Williams +21.529 1

Lap 14/52 Kvyat’s incident

Lap 14/52 Pit-stop for Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz and Stroll.

Lap 12/52 INCIDENT for Kvyat. SAFETY CAR

Lap 12/52 Bottas driving as fast as Bottas.

Lap 11/52 Kvyat overtakes Giovinazzi and gets P13. Raikkonen is P15.

Lap 10/52 Standings

1 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes LEADER – –
2 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes +1.776 – –
3 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +5.077 – –
4 Charles LECLERC Ferrari +10.799 – –
5 Carlos SAINZ McLaren +13.136 – –
6 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault +14.735 – –
7 Lando NORRIS McLaren +15.676 – –
8 Lance STROLL Racing Point +16.154 – –
9 Esteban OCON Renault +17.820 – –
10 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari +18.320 – –
11 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri +18.773 – –
12 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing +19.598 – –
13 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri +19.908 – –
14 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team+ 21.149 – –
15 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing +21.703 – –
16 George RUSSELL Williams +22.769 – –
17 Nicholas LATIFI Williams +24.570 – –
18 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing +36.691 1

Lap 9/52 Verstappen is already 5 seconds behind Hamilton.

Lap 8/52 Vettel is trying to get Ocon ahead of him, but, at the same time, he needs to defend his position from Gasly.

Lap 7/52 Pit stop for Albon who puts the hard tyres.

Lap 6/52 Sainz is closing the gap on Leclerc. Mercedes keep both positions without any issue.

Lap 6/52 The race started again!

Lap 5/52 Standings during SC

1 Lewis HAMILTON MercedesLEADER – –
2 Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+1.144 – –
3 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing+1.904 – –
4 Charles LECLERC Ferrari+2.142 – –
5 Carlos SAINZ McLaren+3.380 – –
6 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault+4.229 – –
7 Lando NORRIS McLaren+5.626 – –
8 Lance STROLL Racing Point+7.308 – –
9 Esteban OCON Renault+8.866 – –
10 Sebastian VETTEL Ferrari+11.898 – –
11 Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+13.079 – –
12 Alexander ALBON Red Bull Racing+13.795 – –
13 Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing+15.301 – –
14 Daniil KVYAT AlphaTauri+17.355 – –
15 Romain GROSJEAN Haas F1 Team+18.235 – –
16 Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing+19.412 – –
17 George RUSSELL Williams+20.923 – –
18 Nicholas LATIFI Williams+22.225 – –

Lap 5/52 Saftey Car will go in after this lap.

Lap 4/52 Mercedes is using DAS to maintain the tyres at the correct temperature.

Lap 3/52 Safety Car will stay on track for a few laps. Magnussen’s car is badly damaged.

Lap 2/52 Bottas had a better start than Hamilton but it wasn’t enough to get P1.

Lap 2/52 INCIDENT between Magnussen and Albon. SAFETY CAR deployed, Magnussen finished his race.

Lap 2/52 Hamilton kept P1, followed by Bottas and Verstappen.

Lap 1/52 It’s immediately a battle between Verstappen and Leclerc for P3.

15.10 LIGHTS OUT! The race is on


15.08 UNBELIEVABLE Nico Hulkenberg is out of the British Grand Prix. The German, who arrived at Silverstone to substitute Sergio Perez, will not start the race following an issue with his car.

15.07 52 laps to complete on this track.


14.57 Hulkenberg (Racing Point) will start from the pit-lane as the team is still working on his car.

14.42 44 times (62,9%) the winner started from the top-two positions.

14.41 26 times (37,1%) the winner started from pole-position.

14.40 Jim Clark is the only driver to have won on all three tracks used for the Great Britain GP – Silverstone, Brands Hatch e Aintree.

14.39 Among the drivers in F1 this season, seven of them got a top-three finish here at Silverstone:
9 (6-2-1) – HAMILTON Lewis
7 (1-1-5) – RÄIKKÖNEN Kimi
5 (2-1-2) – VETTEL Sebastian
3 (0-3-0) – BOTTAS Valtteri
1 (0-1-0) – VERSTAPPEN Max
1 (0-0-1) – RICCIARDO Daniel
1 (0-0-1) – LECLERC Charles


14.37 It’s cloudy at Silverstone, but it does not seem it will rain during the GP.

14.35 Among the drivers competing in F1 this season, there are other two who have won at Silverstone: Sebastian Vettel in 2009 and 2018, and Kimi Raikkonen in 2007.

14.30 Lewis Hamilton is the driver with most wins at the Great Britain GP. He won 6 times: 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017,2019.

Good morning and welcome back to the live coverage of the Great Britain GP 2020, the fourth race of the F1 world championship. We will see a very particular race (52 laps) during which the strategies can make a difference.

Mercedes seem to be the favourite for the win, yesterday both Hamilton and Bottas dominated the qualifying session and showed to have a significant advantage on the other teams. Lewis Hamilton gained another pole-position, for a total of 91 pole-position in his career and seven here at Silverstone.

Ferrari still struggling with the car. The team has well accepted the P4 Charles Leclerc gained in the qualifying session. Yet, for Sebastian Vettel, P10, the weekend, so far, has been decided by the many issues his car presented.

After the qualifying session yesterday, FIA announced a five-place grid penalty to George Russell (Williams) for failing to respect speed limits after yellow flags were shown on the track.

The race will start at 15.10. 52 laps to decide who will win the fourth round of F1 2020.  Will Hamilton break one more record? Will Verstappen challenge Mercedes for the victory? Stay tuned on OA Sport, enjoy the race!

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