Vela, Europei RS:X 2015: le start list, nove azzurri iscritti


RS:X maschile
1 ALG-12 Bouras Hamza ALGHB3 Contact to RSX
2 ARG-401 Saubidet Birkner Bautista ARGBS1 Contact to RSX
3 ARU-11 van den Eerenbeemt Mack ARUMV3 Completed
4 BRA-127 Bastos Pereira Gabriel BRAGB22 Completed
5 CAN-29 Verrier-Paquette Gabriel CANGV1 Completed
6 CAN-33 Plavsic Zachary Ilia CANZP01 Completed
7 CRO-751 Mratovic Luka CROLM1 Completed
8 CRO-9 Fantela Mihovil CROMF1 Completed
9 CYP-1 Cariolou Andreas CYPAC1 Completed
10 CZE-130 Lavicky Karel CZEKL1 Completed
11 DEN-158 Fleischer Sebastian DENSF4 Completed
12 EGY-5 Habash Ahmed EGYAH4 Completed
13 EGY-9 Elsafty Mohamed EGYME2 Completed
14 ESP-20 Carracedo Serra Borja ESPBC6 Completed
15 ESP-29 Escandell Marí Sergi ESPSE1 Completed
16 ESP-3 Cardona Bocarando Joan Carles ESPJC42 Completed
17 ESP-4 Vieito Tomás ESPTV1 Completed
18 ESP-7 Pastor Lafuente Ivan ESPIP1 Completed
19 ESP-70 Bonet Toni ESPTB4 Completed
20 ESP-8 Moreno de la vega Juan Manuel ESPJM6 Completed
21 EST-121 Pertelson Marcus ESTMP13 Completed
22 EST-168 Kasekivi Rainer ESTRK4 Completed
23 FRA-0 Labat Maxime FRALM28 Completed
24 FRA-1 Giard Louis FRALG33 Completed
25 FRA-259 Coisne Benjamin FRABC27 Completed
26 FRA-3 Goyard Thomas FRATG15 Completed
27 FRA-34 Rozier Paul FRARP16 Completed
28 FRA-36 Billet Arnaud FRAAB39 Completed
29 FRA-440 Caraes Trévor FRATA21 Completed
30 FRA-51 De L’Hermite Igor FRAID3 Completed
31 FRA-6 Bontemps Julien FRAJB05 Completed
32 FRA-7 Mestre Adrien FRAAM51 Completed
33 FRA-77 Le Coq Pierre FRAPL12 Completed
34 FRA-9 Bigot Benoît FRABB42 Completed
35 FRA-972 Dupont Yann FRAYD11 Completed
36 GBR-49 Bennett Joe GBRJB173 Completed
37 GBR-60 Sills Samuel GBRSS56 Completed
38 GBR-7 Carney Elliot GBREC5 Completed
39 GBR-749 York Robert GBRRY6 Completed
40 GBR-926 Martin Kieran GBRKM47 Completed
41 GBR-931 Squires Tom GBRTS53 Completed
42 GBR-983 Barton Matthew GBRMB124 Completed
43 GER-2 Girke Johannes GERJG20 Completed
44 GER-3 Wilhelm Toni GERTW1 Completed
45 GRE-8 Kokkalanis Byron GREBK1 Completed
46 HUN-96 Santa Bence HUNBS14 Completed
47 ISR-11 Zuberi Shahar ISRRZ1 Completed
48 ISR-21 Mashiah Nimrod ISRNM1 Completed
49 ISR-22 Galili Amir ISRAG4 Completed
50 ISR-602 Elmeleh Ofek ISROE2 Completed
51 ITA-9 Esposito Federico ITAFE1 Completed
52 ITA-12 Zerillo Giuseppe ITAGZ29 Completed
53 ITA-2 Baglione Marcantonio ITAMB6 Completed
54 ITA-36 Alberti Alessandro ITAAA1 Completed
55 ITA-60 Benedetti Daniele ITADB41 Completed
56 ITA-88 Camboni Mattia ITAMC141 Completed
57 JPN-910 Kudo Akira JPNAK15 Completed
58 KOR-141 Cho Wonwoo KORWC4 Completed
59 KOR-62 Lee Byunggun KORBL1 Completed
60 KOR-71 Lee Taehoon KORTL1 Completed
61 LTU-1 Bernotas Juozas LTUJB1 Completed
62 MEX-11 Berenguer Ignacio MEXIB4 Completed
63 NED-1111 van Essen Joris NEDJV55 Completed
64 NED-116 van der Storm Max Alexander NEDMV62 Completed
65 NED-216 Van ‘t Hoff Matthijs NEDMV54 Completed
66 NED-465 Tak Huig-Jan NEDHT4 Completed
67 NED-8 van Rijsselberge Dorian NEDDV4 Completed
68 NED-9 Badloe Kiran NEDKB8 Completed
69 NOR-510 Funnemark Sjur NORSF5 Completed
70 NOR-57 Ulrichsen Arthur NORAU1 Completed
71 NOR-7 Wang-Hansen Sebastian NORSW1 Completed
72 NOR-8 Knutsen Georg Halle NORGK2 Completed
73 NZL-1 Cozzolino Antonio NZLAC1 Completed
74 OMA-1 Al-Kindi Waleed OMAWA1 Completed
75 POL-11 Urbanowicz Marcin POLMU1 Completed
76 POL-126 Miarczynski Przemyslaw POLPM1 Completed
77 POL-182 Tarnowski Pawel POLPT1 Completed
78 POL-28 Furmanski Radoslaw POLRF1 Completed
79 POL-30 Kluszczyński Maciej POLMK44 Completed
80 POL-82 Myszka Piotr POLPM2 Completed
81 RUS-0 Zagainov Andrey Completed
82 RUS-1 Oberemko Maksim RUSMO5 Completed
83 RUS-14 Shokhov Ivan RUSIS14 Completed
84 RUS-3 Ayvazyan Evgeny RUSEA4 Completed
85 RUS-4 Polishchuk Dmitrii RUSDP3 Completed
86 RUS-54 Murashev Artem RUSAM30 Completed
87 RUS-7 Askerov Aleksandr RUSAA8 Completed
88 SUI-36 Sanz Lanz Mateo SUIMS27 Completed
89 SUI-63 Colombo Elia SUIEC2 Completed
90 SWE-109 Holm Adam SWEAH11 Completed
91 THA-27 Chinaih Phattharadanai Completed
92 THA-8 Boonsawad Ek THAEB1 Completed
93 TUR-399 Biriz Onur Cavit TURCB7
94 TUR-7 Sackan Isa Pamir TURPS3 Completed
95 UKR-13 Tugaryev Aleksandr UKROT2 Completed
96 USA-11 Pascual Pedro USAPP41 Completed
97 USA-5 Lopez Raul USARL109 Completed
98 USA-528 Rudich Jonathan USAJR183 Completed

RS:X femminile
1 ALG-24 Belabbas Katia ALGKB2 Contact to RSX
2 AUS-1199 O’Brien Lara AUSL02 Completed
3 AUS-254 Sterling Joanna AUSJS43 Completed
4 BRA-818 Dacosta Freitas Patricia BRAPF4 Completed
5 DEN-321 Buhl-Hansen Laerke DENLB6 Completed
6 ESP-1 Manchon Blanca ESPMB2 Completed
7 ESP-11 Dominguez Gutierrez Maria Antonia ESPMA3 Completed
8 ESP-12 Lamadrid Trueba Pilar ESPPL14 Completed
9 ESP-2 Carracedo Serra Blanca ESPBC7 Completed
10 ESP-5 Alabau Neira Marina ESPMA13 Completed
11 ESP-567 Enault Sofia ESPSE4 Completed
12 EST-212 Vainküla Betti ESTBV1 Completed
13 EST-215 Puusta Ingrid ESTIP1 Completed
14 FIN-1 Petaja-Siren Tuuli FINTP2 Completed
15 FRA-11 Tetard Claire FRACT15 Contact to RSX
16 FRA-12 Dantes Jeanne FRAJD36 Completed
17 FRA-161 Mattei Léa Completed
18 FRA-19 Jariel Mélanie FRAMJ15 Completed
19 FRA-22 Ricard Eugenie FRAER2 Completed
20 FRA-302 Perret Stephanie FRASP20 Completed
21 FRA-388 Belbeoch Lucie FRALB33 Completed
22 FRA-4 Picon Charline FRACP3 Completed
23 FRA-57 Noesmoen Hélène FRAHN2 Completed
24 GBR-30 Hamilton Isobel GBRIH12 Completed
25 GBR-561 Sills Imogen GBRIS27 Completed
26 GBR-703 Finch Noelle GBRNF17 Completed
27 GBR-94 Shaw Bryony GBRBS1 Completed
28 GBR-956 Sills Saskia GBRSS63 Completed
29 GBR-961 Wilson Emma GBREW20 Completed
30 GER-782 Schwarz Stefanie GERSS35 Completed
31 GRE-3 Skarlatou Gelly GREAS3 Completed
32 HUN-119 Cholnoky Sara HUNSC2 Completed
33 HUN-7 Detre Diana HUNDD1 Contact to RSX
34 ISR- 9 Hadar Heller ISRHH3 Completed
35 ISR-10 Davidovich Maayan ISRMD1 Completed
36 ISR-5 Geller Noga ISRNG3 Completed
37 ITA-11 Linares Laura ITALL10 Completed
38 ITA-46 Tartaglini Flavia ITAFT1 Completed
39 ITA-82 Fanciulli Veronica ITAVF12 Completed
40 JPN-35 Megumi Iseda JPNMI11 Completed
41 JPN-72 Komine Megumi JPNMK20 Completed
42 JPN-94 Fujiko Onishi JPNFO1 Completed
43 KOR-207 Chun Sabin KORCC7 Completed
44 NED-171 de Geus Lilian NEDLD5 Completed
45 NED-203 Wennekes Sara NEDSW5 Completed
46 NOR-23 Mollestad Maria NORMM11 Completed
47 POL-09 Bilska Agnieszka POLAB9 Completed
48 POL-1 Zembrzuska Hanna POLHZ1 Completed
49 POL-104 Smektala Kamila POLSK4 Completed
50 POL-21 Bialecka Malgorzata POLMB3 Completed
51 POL-287 Czurylo Zuzanna POLZC1 Completed
52 POL-303 Lipińska Karolina POLKL12 Completed
53 POL-502 Lis Patrycja POLPL4 Completed
54 POL-7 Dziarnowska Maja POLMD6 Completed
55 POL-8 Noceti-Klepacka Zofia POLZK1 Completed
56 RUS Poludarova Angela RUSAP8 Contact to RSX
57 RUS-1 Maslivets Olga RUSOM2 Completed
58 RUS-271 Elfutina Stefania RUSSE6 Completed
59 SWE-6 Baumann Fanny SWEFB13 Completed
60 TUR-191 Uralp Dilara TURDR3 Completed
61 TUR-30 Cilingiroglu Simla TURSC13 Completed
62 USA-1 Hall Farrah USAFH8 Completed
63 USA-143 Lepert Marion USAML108 Completed

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